Why it is Good to Advertise during the Olympic Games

Olympics being the big awaited game remain successful in spreading its madness all over the world. Worldwide Olympics is celebrated much like a festival. Advertisers thus wish to use this opportunity to the fullest. The ad rates are much higher than the usual slot but still every brand wishes to capture every inch of space-time. There is a high level of competition among advertisers during Olympics. They do not win the medals, but marketing reaches the highest level during the time.

Olympics have been a market of business for any brand. The cost of every space is so high that only high profile brands are successful in being the partner of the Olympics. Global products try to occupy the space of the advertisement to create a global market economy. Though the cost is high, it is all worth when it comes to Olympics. Many brands associate themselves as the food partner of Olympic Games. Offers are available in every brand that gets associated with Olympics. The fan following of the Olympic is shared by the brand itself and that becomes the ultimate motto of the brand. Hence, there are lots of benefits of advertising during the Olympics.

Ways of advertising

  • Social networking sites and other popular web pages also charge high rates to put advertisements on their sites as it is the most-beneficial time to attract mass in a global manner. The brand that plans to launch itself worldwide, Olympics is the platform to step forward without a doubt.


  • Many brands use the jerseys of the athletes and sports person to promote their brand. This is a part of the marketing strategy. The fan following of a team or individual is used to gain the popularity of the brand. Health related brands try to get associated as the health partner of the Olympics game.


  • New strategies are to be made for promotion of a product in the games. The usual ad campaign won’t work in Olympics. A special crisp ad that will stand out among the other ads is to be produced. The audience is targeted but still the ad should be such that withstands the barriers of country and community. An ad campaign that is catchy as well as effective to attract a high number of audiences is to be planned for the Olympics.


  • The right game is to be chosen for placing an ad in the game. The perfect time and the spirit of the game will be an important factor to hold the audience.


  • A lot of work is to be done when a brand is introduced through the Olympics Game. First the brand is to be introduced to a large audience. When it is on the way, it is to be seen that the advertisement is liked by the viewers. It is advisable to take short survey of the audience reaction. After the audience likes the ad, the bridge can be crossed. The bridge between liking and buy is the real challenge.
  • Billions spent on advertisement is not worth if not projected properly. A proper planning and research to execute the plan is to be done before venturing a havoc amount of money in advertising in the Olympics Game.